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Eight seconds...
February 13, 2017

I recently attended a mobile marketing seminar, during which I was told that the average person today has an attention span of just eight seconds. It took thirty seconds for that to sink in, but based on my observation that people seem to be constantly looking at their phones, I suppose it’s plausible enough.

We’ve listened to customers, some of whom are in the business of web site design, tell us that our site is not mobile-friendly. Since last year, when we had the transitions of opening Brown Deer and Downtown and closing Bay View, we’ve tried to convey the most current information through our web site and because of the multiple locations, I agree it’s gotten a little clunky and needs an upgrade.

So, in a month or two, we’re planning on not only a redesigned and mobile-friendly web site, but also a new mobile app. The app, when downloaded and set up for your preferences, will, for just one example, send you a notification if something you like is being featured on a given day. There’ll be many other features, too. It’ll enable a level of communication between us that should make many things easier and more efficient. We’re also exploring delivery Downtown, and possibly in-home catering.

With the mobile app, we’re planning on incorporating a new wine club, where members will be able to purchase wines, glasses and accessories for home, receive upgrades and special offers, and news of limited availability wines and wine-themed events at our restaurants.

For spring, we’re going to roll out new menus, and we’re looking at the possibility and logistics of starting Sunday brunch here in Brown Deer because it’s been so popular downtown. Winter is just a few weeks more, and I’m sure you, too, have noticed the days are beginning to seem a little brighter and longer.

We just celebrated our one-year anniversary of opening in Brown Deer. The year sure went by fast. To everyone who dines with us, let me express our gratitude. It’s almost a cliché sometimes, but we do this because we get a tremendous amount of satisfaction and pleasure from seeing people enjoying themselves in our restaurants. We’ve gotten to know a lot of new friends in both Brown Deer and Downtown, and have held on to many from Bay View.  Our goal this year is to simply work on making every part of your dining experience even better. Please, always let us know what you think!

Thank you, -m.





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